January 30, 2008

Grass Head Guys

This is an idea that I got from the Family Fun Magazine. I haven't had a chance to make them with my kids but it looks like a fun idea!

2 tablespoons grass seed
Nylon stocking foot
1 cup potting soil
Plastic yogurt container
2 googly eyes
Permanent marker
Double-sided tape
Card stock, craft foam, and so on, for clothing

Time needed: About 1 Hour
1. Spoon the grass seed into the stocking foot, and the potting soil on top of the seed. Tie a knot in the stocking, leaving the excess fabric hanging. Fill a yogurt container halfway with water and place the stocking head on top with the nylon tail in the water to serve as a wick. Attach googly eyes to the head and draw on a mouth with permanent marker. To decorate the yogurt container, tape on clothing made from card stock or other materials.

TIP: Be sure to check the water level in the yogurt container every day, keeping it at least half full.

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Muir Family said...

I think the picture of these is so cute. I'm going to make them with Brayden. They're cuter than I thought they'd be.