February 26, 2008

Job Charts

I have been going a little crazy with all that needs to be done at our house and Todd said that the kids need to have more responsibility. So I have been searching the internet for Free Chore Charts. I found a few that I would like to share. I just made my kids their own chart with what they wanted on it. It is nothing special but it is theirs. The website is www.dltk-cards.com. It looks like you can do more than just chore charts. You can make certificates, coupons, cards, etc. Hope you enjoy it.
Mom also told me about another web site and I was up till all hours of the night looking at what they had for YW. I thought it was a wonderful site www.theideadoor.com. There are even some chore charts on that, but for now you cannot download them.


Brad and Lindsay said...

Awesome! I just made Max a SpongeBob job chart...it took like two minutes! He'll love it!

Muir Family said...

This is great--I just made a couple charts too. One Thomas, and one Ninja Turtle. It takes only a few minutes- great find!!