March 16, 2008

Pet Rocks

The other day I was looking for something to keep Max and his friends busy. We decided to make pet rocks. I had the boys go outside to collect some rocks. We came in a washed the rocks and divided them out. We had no idea what we were going to make. We just tried to use our imaginations. Max made a big yellow dog, Brock made a brown bear and Nicholas made a tiny green turtle. I made a lady bug for "Sadie Bug". I also ended up making a pig and a little duck (he reminds me of the one on Word World) It was a lot of fun. We just painted the rocks and glued them with the hot glue gun and used googly eyes and pipe cleaner for tails.


Muir Family said...

Brayden would love this. He's out this week, I think we'll be doing these--we have a ton of rocks out front.

The Smith Family said...

Averi and Briggs were just telling me that they wanted a new pet. I think this would be the perfect one for them. They could have as many as they want.