May 29, 2008

Parachute Men

Well with school being out we are coming up with all types of things to do. Brayden saw in a book, some parachute guys--we altered it a bit to work with what we had. These do not last a long time, but entertained the boys for an afternoon. They do get tangled--so be prepared.

What you need:

pipe cleaners-any color you want


Plastic bag


1. Shape pipe cleaners into guys

2. We then wrapped more pipe cleaners around the body to look like clothes

3. Cut bag into a 14x14 square

4. Tie a 14" string to each corner of the square bag.

5. Bring all the strings together and tie in a knot.

6. Attach the strings to the pipe cleaner body (we just tied it to the head of our guy)

7. Throw them up and have a great time.

1 comment:

Brad and Lindsay said...

I'm so glad you updated this needed something new! Max will love these! Anything to keep them busy!